New Gear

So I bought my first uke about 6 months ago and I haven’t fallen out of love with it yet (not even close). And being the gear fiend I am… I’m starting to think about uke number two. My first uke was a very good entry level Kala KA-T. It looks and sounds great and, as I mentioned, I’m still very much in love with it (more info on my Gear page). But now that I’m through a pretty solid grace period and my interest level hasn’t dropped I’m starting to look for excuses to buy another.

Hmmm… I like playing at lunch… And carting my single uke back and fourth to work is a pain. Wow that was easy.

So I’m thinking since I’ve already got an entry level uke, if I’m going to buy another one, I should probably step up to the intermediate level. Solid body… gloss finish… maybe even a cool rope binding. As you may have guessed I’m thinking about Mainland Ukes.

Ohana is another brand with an entry in this category and they’re definitely in the running. It’s hard to ignore a uke I’ve seen in a million Uke Hunt videos and Woodshed reviews it very positively.

Uke Hunt reviews his Ohana

Mainland is in Nashville and their ukes are “assembled” there (which I think means they get their materials from China). I’ve seen videos where they’re compared to Ohana and they are pretty much exactly the same size and shape so the parts are probably cut in the same factory. But from everything I’ve read the assembly, finish and set up (that happens in Nashville) is really really great. 

The Ohana TK-35G is listed at about $45o on their site but I suspect it would be much closer to the Mainland in a retail situation (if I could find one, which I can’t at the moment).

The Mainland Classic solid mahogany tenor in gloss finish is listed at about $250 on their site.

My Mainland Tenor

Based on the fact that Mainland seem to put a lot of love into their finished product  (and the fact that I can find them for sale online) make them the way to go and I’ll probably be ordering one as soon as I have the time.

So if anyone has any thoughts about Mainland or any suggestions about other good intermediate ukes in with similar features in that price range please comment here or contact me.

Once I get something I’ll add it to my Gear Page


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