Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart – Tab

I’m not a big boy band fan boy but, as always, I’m open to anything and, as this blog shows (or will show) there is quite a bit of variety in the music I like. And… I’m a firm believer that the ukulele has made that variety even bigger and more varied. It’s hard not to love a song on the uke.

Most of that aside, this song has a lot going for it. A good Dm chord progression, that “me and my broken heart” ear worm (Eminem, Dido, etc) and a good poppy reggae strum.

For the chorus strum I just use my go to DD UDU for the first 3 reps then DD U DD for the 4th. The verse is kind of a reggae vibe and after playing along with the song for a bit I settled on DDmute UDU for the first 3 reps and D DUD DU for the fourth.

The Dadd9 is a little funky (I’m not even sure that’s what the chord is called) but most of the guitar stuff I saw looked like some kind of G/B combo transition and I think this sounds good. It’s actually not that different than G (which sounds fine too if that’s easier).

Capo on the 3rd fret if you want to play along with the boys.

Here’s the tab – video coming soon.

Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart – Tab PDF

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