The Lumineers – Ho Hey – Tab

Okay… so far on this blog I’ve posted tabs for: Folk/Classic Rock, Angelic Girl Uke, Kid/Camp, Boy Band, and Gospel songs. (I love to label)

Obviously, my musical tastes are wide and varied. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it one thousand times, playing the ukulele makes me love even more music in an even bigger variety of genres. It’s hard not to love a song on the uke.

(At some point I promise to make a long rambling post about all the reasons I love the uke and the way it makes me like more music more will be part of that.)

But if I had to pick, when it comes to uke, my favorite genre is probably this kind of indy neo folk rock. With their dreamy videos, way too many people in the band, their”hey”s and “ho”s, billowy white clothes and well constructed riffs… it just works well for the uke.

Ho Hey by The Lumineers is a good example of what I’m talking about.

And… when translated to the uke, this song is also a great example of how the foundation four (C, G, Am and F chords), while relatively simple, can be combined creatively and achieve greatness.

Another thing I like about this song is the fact that the vocals are pretty flat so even someone with almost no range (like me) can attempt to sing it.

I like this song so much that I’m introducing the “Obsession” category as a grouping for songs that I feel the need to play all the time. Every time I pick up the uke it’s the first thing I play, every time I hear the song I have to play along. Even when it comes up on the playlist at work I have to stop everything and pick up the uke.

I realize my tab may not be technically correct in terms of where the chords are in the measures. Most tabs online have the F as the last beat and I have it as the first. But listen to the song and you can hear that the F is kind of on the half beat and the following C happens fast. It was a little hard for me to wrap my head around that funky timing. It got much easier for me when I started to think of the F chord as coming before the measure so I tabbed it out that way to help myself and hopefully it makes it easier for anyone else who struggles with that timing.

 The Lumineers – Ho Hey – Tab PDF

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