How cool is that!

I’m in Ohio visiting my wife’s family and the uke bug has taken hold.

When we were here for Christmas I brought my uke and we managed a solid round of sing-a-long carols. Nobody in the family really plays an instrument but my Mother-In-Law plays in the church bell choir. So of course I missionary-ed up and I let her know that the uke was a fun and easy way to start getting more musical if interested. She did allow a quick lesson in what I thought was just a nice way of humoring me. So I was quite surprised when she contacted me a couple weeks ago to help her buy a uke. But I guess that’s another story.

So when we show up on this trip my Father-In-Law hands me the Panjolele pictured above! He’s a wood worker dude and when he happened upon a plan for the Panjolele he knew he was destined to be caught up in the uke love storm too. He said he got the cake pans at the thrift store and the local music store guy gave him the tuners out of the used bin so he’s got less than 10 bucks into this thing. And yes… it’s a long way from a fresh factory set up Mya Moe but believe me, for 10 bucks this thing sounds awesome and is fun as hell to play. I will be making one soon and of course I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s a link to Make Magazine’s how to:

And here’s the author (Chester Winowiecki) demoing it:




  1. Ok, giving this to my hubby for a Christmas present (to make for me:) lol…thanks for all the great tips, info, charts…this is a great blog.

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