Everclear – Santa Monica – Tab

Punk is one of the few genres that can be difficult to translate to the uke. There are a few people doing it well and there are a few great instances of uke punk songs out there.

Two examples that come to mind are Jordan D. White and GUGUG. Neither are limited to punk on the uke but trust me, if you’re on a uke punk hunt, sort through their stuff and you’ll be rewarded.

But, in general punk uke is thin so even if you find a few favorite covers there still isn’t a lot of tab out there and it can be difficult to get an arrangement you like going for your own cover.

After all that… this post is about a band and a song that I’m not even sure is firmly in the punk genre. I’ve always kind of considered Everclear in that wave of punk 2.0 from America but maybe that’s just because they came out at about that same time and some of their stuff has speed and edge (and I do think the song Amphetamine helps my case).  So if you think that Everclear and Santa Monica is just rock you probably won’t a lot of argument from me. Maybe I just needed an excuse to ramble about uke punk and talk about Jordan D. White.

Having rambled on the high level… Whatever you call Everclear I do like them and I do like the song Santa Monica and Jordan D. White does do a great version of it and I couldn’t find any decent tabs or tutes for uke.

I’m not sure if my tab is exactly the same as Jordan D. White’s arrangement and he strums it with a little more swing than I tend to but between watching him and the info I got from guitar tabs I was able to get a version I really like on the uke.

The timing is a bit funky which makes it hard for me to sing but if you listen to the song you’ll get it.

Here’s my tab, video coming soon.

Everclear – Santa Monica – Tab PDF

Check out Jordan D. White’s Youtube channel for this cover and lots of other good stuff – CLICK.

Enjoy and support Everclear in all kinds of ways on their site – CLICK.



  1. Thank you thank you!
    My friend and I recently admitted to each other that we both still take a guilty pleasure in Everclear as one of our favorite bands from high school. We immediately decided that we needed to be an Everclear cover band.
    Santa Monica was the first hurtle for that project, but until now I’ve never been able to find a tab that wasn’t power chords. I really appreciate your translating the song for the uke.

    1. Did I say I’d make a video?.?.? It’s been a while and I’ll probably not get right on that. Sorry, haven’t had much time to post. I’m glad you like the song and the chord sheet though. I don’t suppose the Jordan D. White video helps?

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