Damien Jurado – Ohio – Tab

My wife is from Columbus and has a lot of family there so Ohio always plays a big part in my life. Coincidentally, over the last couple weeks, a few things have come together to make Ohio much bigger than usual.

We just got back from a 2 week visit to Ohio which included a family camp out which included a big campfire ukulele sing-a-long. This trip and camp out reminds me how much I want a travel uke with a little less fragility and a little more weather resistance. It looks like Outdoor Ukulele is revving up to make a plastic Tenor which sounds like it will be perfect for me. At the moment I can’t think of anything cooler than a clear plastic uke that you can play in a lake.

So in clicking around on the Outdoor Ukulele site I stumble across a demo featuring Dan Ericsson playing the Damien Jurado song Ohio.


The stars aligned and it’s a really really good song and great on the uke, so of course I had to learn it and post it.

The vocal line is high, so high that I normally would have sung it an octave lower or not worried about singing at all. But I kind of forced myself to try and and after a couple attempts I’m pretty happy with it. Let that be a lesson to me. I did tune down half step to help a bit. I see a lot of people tuning down and I like the sound but I like the sound of normal tuning too so I usually keep it there but it makes this one easier to sing.

My version is intentionally a bit more simple than the original and Dan Ericsson’s. It’s really just 4 common chords over and over. C9sus4/A# looks wild but it’s really just Bb with some extra pinky (at least I think it’s C9sus4/A#). I might work on adding in some additional flourishes at some point. The lyrics are great, the chord progression is great and they go together well. And of course it includes the golden chord of sadness… Dm (my personal fave).

Here’s my tab, video coming soon.

Damien Jurado – Ohio – Tab PDF

Damien Jurado Site – CLICK

Outdoor Ukulele Site – CLICK


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