Camp Sing-A-Long and Songbook

As mentioned in my last post I just got back from a trip to visit my wife’s family in Ohio that included a camp out that included a campfire sing-a-long. It was a great trip, her family is great and the sing-a-long was awesome. Some of them told me it was their favorite part of camp.

I’ve learned a lot about making a sing-a-long happen in the short time I’ve been trying to organize them. More theories, rants, rambles and details about it on my Sing-A-Longs page. Spoiler Alert – YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This particular sing-a-long included everyone from grand parents to grand kids so I really needed a wide variety of music types. Also, I wanted to avoid all those girl scout songs from the 50s that show up when you search “camp ukulele”. So I looked for (and found) examples of songs that I liked, I thought others would like and be able to sing, and worked well on the uke, from country, kids, classic rock and some current stuff.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on sharing this songbook but since the sing-a-long went so well I thought someone out there might be trying to do something similar and maybe putting this out early enough in the camp season could help. This concept has evolved to the point where I now see it makes perfect sense to have multiple songbooks for multiple applications on the Songbooks page

I haven’t done individual posts for all these songs, not that it’s necessary, but I might at some point. Also, we didn’t get to all the songs at this sing-a-long but I was surprised at how many we did get to and, of course, it better to have too many than too few and a good variety of options.

Like I say, there’s a lot of other good sing-a-long theory and information on the Sing-A-Longs page. And this (or some version of a camp songbook) will have a permanent home on on the Songbooks page.


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