E Is For Evil

Coming from a guitar background E is a very common chord that’s as easy to play as any other on the guitar. So you would think… that coming to the uke where all chords are easy… the E chord wouldn’t be hard to play but it is.

E Chord Ukulele 1


Not to mention that weird version of E that tabs always show.

E Chord Ukulele 2

That makes absolutely no sense. It doesn’t sound right and it’s litteraly impossible to play (the opposite of easy).

So, of course, being the coward that I am, my solution is to stay away from these versions of the E chord completely.

First I try a different version, bar the 4th fret with my pinky on the A string at the 7th fret.

E Chord Ukulele 3

If that sounds okay then I’m good, if not… Then I try other types of E chord like Em7, Em, E7 etc. Hopefully one of those sound good in the song (E7 is where I often end up)

E7 Chord UkuleleEm Chord UkuleleEm7 Chord Ukulele

If none of those sound good I’ll noodle around with changing the key and hopefully find a more playable version that sounds good. More on changing key-> LINK

Of course, divinity can only be borne of darkness. When played just right E becomes the coolest ukulele chord in the universe. If you can move your hand up on the back of the neck and use your thumb to bar the top 3 strings while playing the bottom string with your index finger… uke god.

Please note, this method isn’t any easier… just super cool.


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