New Uke – Bugsgear

I gotta new uke!

bugsGear-ukebrewI’ve been looking at plastic ukuleles for a while. I love the idea having a uke that’s a bit more robust and practically impervious to the elements… like water. Of course there’s the Outdoor Ukulele, which I think is probably at the top of the food chain, and I fully intend to get one of their tenors when they come out (they come in clear!). And if you click around you’ll find a handful of options like Woodi, Kora Explore and a couple others. I settled on the Bugsgear for a couple reasons I’ll detail on my Gear page at some point.

This one is in purple, or “neon magenta” as my daughter calls it and it really glows. I love the color. It’s a soprano and being a tenor guy with big hands I’m really surprised at how easy it is for me to play the small size. It’s a little quieter than my bigger wood ukes but that’s to be expected I guess. Other than that I couldn’t be happier. It sounds, looks and plays great.

One note about acquiring this uke… it wasn’t that easy. I did my research, found a bunch of reviews online, zeroed in on this make and model but didn’t see anywhere they were on sale other than the manufacture’s site in Japan at 90 bucks a pop. No Amazon, no eBay. Apparently most of the reviews I was seeing were from bloggers in the U.K. where apparently the ukulele is much cooler in general so more stuff gets marketed there. So I kept my eye out for them on eBay and finally happened upon some. I think they are gaining steam because I see more of them on there now but they look like a newer model with a black fingerboard. I really wanted the 100% purple so it looks like I found this just in time.


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