Uke Brew really started as my cloud storage for tabs. Eventually it got big enough to where I thought it might be worth sharing so I started this blog.

I’m 525 (aka John), I’m in Southern California, I played guitar for years and always wanted a ukulele. Once I finally got one I was hooked.

Ukulele popularity has soared recently so I know I’m starting this just in time for blog-o-sphere saturation and bandwagon backlash. I also know I’m far from the most knowledgeable or talented ukulele player out there. So I’m hoping my my mix of philosophy, good tabs and a songbook based on songs I love and think work well for the uke will provide some value to the community.

As such… this blog is really an aggregation and re-tweet of cool ukulele stuff I’ve found. I probably found that stuff on the web and I probably found it because somebody else found it before me and somebody found it before them and so on and so on. There is so much good stuff out there… please visit, subscribe, recommend and support all the good things you find here or anywhere. And of course support the original artists.

Also, if anyone responsible for any source material I’ve blogged about has an issue please let me know and I’ll happily remove it.

I’ll post more about me and my thoughts on ukulele and blogging in posts so if you want to know more keep an eye out for those.

Welcome, enjoy, comment, request.


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