Hackass Homemade Cajon – DIY Plans

So, one of the things that has been distracting me from posting on this blog is the fact that I found a great ukulele club. I’ve been spending a lot of time attending, preparing and doing other stuff related to the club.

cajon-plans-ukebrewAt some point someone brought a cajon to one of the meetings and I couldn’t believe how cool it sounded. It’s a great kick and snare drum sound built into one portable little box. Other than symbols I can’t really understand why anyone would lug a huge drum kit around when this is an option. Of course I had to have one. After a bit of shopping I put them starting at about $120 and like anything, you can go as high as you like on the top end. (more…)


Standard “I’ve been too busy to post” Post

So I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m not really posting anything good or substantial now, but I wanted to touch base in hopes that it would help me stay sane. I do have lots of good excuses.

Outsider Instruments ukebrewI’ve been all about outsider instruments lately. It may have started with the plastic uke because since then I’ve bought a bunch of shakers and jinglers you put on your fingers and feet while you play. I also found a toy accordion for 17 bucks that sounds killer and I’m making a cajon. Not to mention my back burnered panjolele.

I also finally got off my ass and went to the Hau`oli Strummers (Happy Strummers) ukulele club. It’s really cool. The list of reasons I love the uke is long but going to the last couple uke club meetings has shown me that there are still things to be added. For example, I have now sung Irish drinking songs at the top of my lungs in a bar with 40 other people doing the same. It’s a great club full of great people and Tim (and others I’m sure) do a great job running it. I’ll do a proper post on it at some point and until then you can check out their meetup page – Hau`oli Strummers (Happy Strummers)

And of course there’s the usual stream of honey doos, road trips and socializers that compete for time. One of those was a road trip to LA where I did get a friend hooked on the uke so that’s kind of uke related. It happened at the right time too because she took advantage of the killer ebay deals on Lanikai solid body blems right now.  She got a $250 solid body uke for sixty bucks and the blems didn’t look that bad. Thanks to uke hunt for the heads up on this deal.

So I swear I’ll get back to posting songs and lessons soon. See you then.