Three Little Birds – Bob Marley and the Wailers – Chords

I was never a huge reggae guy but, of course, the uke hath showed me the light. This song works great on the uke (with a little key change) and I’m a sucker for any song with a hippy dippy message especially when it’s so well balanced and heartfelt.

As is my way lately, this version is kind of quick and bluegrassy but with slight tweaking of the strum, back to reggae, it would be a great song for new ukers to work on their chuck (hmm… I should probably write a chuck post, more to come). It’s a nice simple song but it’s reggae roots provide enough residual timing funkiness to keep it a bit challenging and fun. (more…)


Chord Charts

chorddiagram ukebrewOkay, time to get rollin. Lets get some good foundation stuff out of the way.

Chord charts!

Everybody needs good chord charts, right?

At some point I’ll probably I’ll probably make some of my own but there are plenty of good ones out there so I don’t feel an urgent need to reinvent the wheel.

2 favorites come to mind. These are ones I always make sure to have a few hard copies around for sharing and reference.


Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright – Tab

I wanted the first post on this blog to be one of the first songs that really pulled me towards the ukulele. I’m not a huge Dylan guy but, as a good uke song can do, I was won over by this version. It’s fairly easy to play and sing and the bare bones uke version¬†shows how songs don’t have to be complex to be brilliant. I love how the¬†chord progression sounds and the overlapping turnaround between verses. Poetic lyrics don’t hurt either (I’ve always seen Dylan’s genius in that department).

When I pick up my uke and start playing without thinking about it… this is the song that comes out of my fingers.