New Gear – Melodica

melodica-ukebrewOkay, I’m pretty excited about this one so… Let me just start by saying “Melodica”? It’s called a Melodica. That name is way too cool. It must have been created in the 60s. We’ve come a long way from instrument names like “Piano” and “Lute”.

The Melodica is a keyboard that’s small enough to be hand held (so also very portable) and is played by blowing into it. The wind moves over reeds to make the sound so it sounds a lot like an accordion.

My current favorite genre of music is what I like to call Sad Electric Cowboy and I think those bands frequently try to layer in extra sadness with long drawn out wailing notes. This is frequently accomplished with fiddle or accordion.  (more…)


Hackass Homemade Cajon – DIY Plans

So, one of the things that has been distracting me from posting on this blog is the fact that I found a great ukulele club. I’ve been spending a lot of time attending, preparing and doing other stuff related to the club.

cajon-plans-ukebrewAt some point someone brought a cajon to one of the meetings and I couldn’t believe how cool it sounded. It’s a great kick and snare drum sound built into one portable little box. Other than symbols I can’t really understand why anyone would lug a huge drum kit around when this is an option. Of course I had to have one. After a bit of shopping I put them starting at about $120 and like anything, you can go as high as you like on the top end. (more…)