Camp Sing-A-Long and Songbook

As mentioned in my last post I just got back from a trip to visit my wife’s family in Ohio that included a camp out that included a campfire sing-a-long. It was a great trip, her family is great and the sing-a-long was awesome. SomeĀ of them told me it was their favorite part of camp.



Transpose Key

Okay… So I’m definitely no music theorist (theoryist?) but being able to change the key of a song (or use different chords) is big for the ukulele. Just to avoid the dreaded E chord if for no other reason.

When I was new (newer) to the uke, I did some clicking around looking for information on transposing the key of songs. I found some web sites and some tables and a spinny thing but it took me a while to really wrap my head around it. So I wanted to provide tools and a little explanation in hopes that beginners could understand and get it figured out. Feel free to skip all the explaining. If you’re just looking to get your hands on a key transposition table skip to the bottom.