E Is For Evil

Coming from a guitar background E is a very common chord that’s as easy to play as any other on the guitar. So you would think… that coming to the uke where all chords are easy… the E chord wouldn’t be hard to play but it is.

E Chord Ukulele 1




Transpose Key

Okay… So I’m definitely no music theorist (theoryist?) but being able to change the key of a song (or use different chords) is big for the ukulele. Just to avoid the dreaded E chord if for no other reason.

When I was new (newer) to the uke, I did some clicking around looking for information on transposing the key of songs. I found some web sites and some tables and a spinny thing but it took me a while to really wrap my head around it. So I wanted to provide tools and a little explanation in hopes that beginners could understand and get it figured out. Feel free to skip all the explaining. If you’re just looking to get your hands on a key transposition table skip to the bottom.